BACEE’s services – the reason for joining the Association

Growing membership proves that BACEE is able to offer an attractive package of services to both buy-side and sell-side banks and institutions.

We have built our services on 4 main pillars:

1. Information Service (Bank and Country Analysis Service)
2. Business Development (we filter and then channel business opportunities to our membership)
3. Event organisation (conferences, seminars, trainings and study tours)
4. Marketing & Sales Promotion at BACEE Events

By becoming a member of BACEE banks may obtain new partners and business opportunities in the CEE/SEE/CIS region; the possibility of attending BACEE events free of charge or at a substantial discount and to use BACEE events for advertising and promote their brand.

To our members we offer a free Silver sponsorship at one of BACEE’s conferences with exhibition opportunity and speaker’s slot. For details, please click here.