BACEE has four categories of membership:

  • Full Member
  • Regular Member
  • Joint Member
  • Supporting Member

The main difference lies in the level of involvement in different activities of the Association and the representation in the Board.

Full Members

Full Members may take part in all activities and may nominate a Deputy Chairman.
Membership fee: EUR 14,000 p.a.

Regular Members

Regular Members enjoy all privileges of membership. They may participate in BACEE events, receive information documents, etc. Regular Members have the voting rights during the General Meeting (1 vote per bank, equal to Full Members).
Membership fee: EUR 6,500 p.a.

Joint Members

This category relates to those banks which belong to a banking group, a member bank of which is already a Full or Regular Member of BACEE. Joint Members enjoy the same rights as Regular Members.
Membership fee: EUR 3,000 p.a.

Supporting Members

They have similar rights as Regular Members, but with a limited access to BACEE’s services at a reduced fee. The limitations are as follows:

  • May not receive free of charge materials which BACEE purchases from suppliers
  • Would have a limited access to BACEE’s information services, and in particular, could not request free bank/country analysis from BACEE

Membership fee: EUR 4,000 p.a.


Should you like to receive more information about our Association, click here for the Membership Application Form, which we kindly ask you to fill in and send back either by e-mail or by fax. Our fax number is: +36 1 212 0313.

If you find our activities interesting and wish to receive additional information, please contact:

Mr. István Lengyel
Secretary General
Banking Association
for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE)
H-1013 Budapest
Feszty Árpád u. 2.
Phone: (361) 356 85 81 / 212 62 10
Fax: (361) 212 03 13

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